Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing season

Big news at the Gray house! 
We are growing in big ways (hopefully not so big).  Yep, baby #3 is set to arrive in September.  In a twist of completely unrelated fate that arrived with perfect timing, we have decided to leave our home on Ridge Road to move a few miles away.  Our favorite salt box colonial house in town went on the market.  In a matter of 24 hours we went from a fun thought of checking out an open house to actually putting in an offer.  After many sleepless nights (involving waking up with bouts of extreme cravings for sugary cereal and thoughts of "what the heck are we doing?"), we have sold our home and will be moving this summer.  
It will be perfect timing to sip lemonade from the sidelines while allowing my husband to unpack.  More likely, my nesting self will take over and in all of my 3rd trimester glory I will have a lot to say.
So those are the big ones.  
Julia reminds me everyday that she's growing too.  She makes us measure her after every carrot that she eats.  She is convinced that she can feel herself grow by the moment.  This desire for growth is fueled by our upcoming trip to Disney and Julia's insistence on riding all of Disney's finest and fastest rides.  She's fearless and very determined.  If a child could will herself to grow, she would do it.
Charlie is finally starting to talk after a bit of intervention.  He is growing in great strides with the help of a speech therapist.  The benefit is that we finally know what's going on in his little world, though he has finally learned "no!", which I would have rather they skipped.  In the past 2 weeks he some sort of feistyness has risen up within him.  I call him the Sass-Monster.  Though he can't say his own name, he chants "Ju-wah" all day.  He wants Julia to be a part of everything that he does.  We are currently working on putting words together.  I keep telling the speech therapist that he is way smarter than all of us and one of these days he will break out in complete sentences to give us his thoughts on the past 22 months in this crazy home.
So this is what happens after a few months of a blog-hiatus...big news and a bit of growth.  We are excited about every part of it.  
Here are our favorite shots from the past few weeks - most from Easter.  Who can resist this handsome boy in a bow tie?
At Easter brunch Julia introduced a new family tradition of opening the hard boiled Easter eggs by cracking them on your head.  We are a big fan of new traditions and are willing to try anything.
 Now that we are moving I have this great desire to capture the kids in every part of our current house.  This is where each of them were brought home from the hospital after their birth and there are so many great memories in every corner of our home.  This is our pre-bath craziness that occurs every night.  The Sass-Monster is in full effect trying to scare me at the top of the stairs.  And Julia is quite smitten by him.