Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish

There is nothing that brings greater joy than the sheer cuteness of this fish fabric that I had bought when I first got my sewing machine.  Minor confession: sometimes I go into my studio and just look at my row of fabrics - I just love the contrast of bold and simple colors along with the sweetness of the fabrics that I choose to make some things for Julia.  So, I have been holding out on the fish fabric.  I have plenty, but I want to make just the right thing.  One thing I have learned with sewing is that simple is better and what better way to utilize this pattern than on a onesie, which she wears daily. Everything looks better when it's handstitched (and for all of you who were forced to take Home Ec in middle school, YOU CAN DO THIS!) 
To complete it, I added a little square to her bottom. 

And in other updates, I have come to the interesting realization that the more mobile Julia becomes, there is a much greater jump in my moments of heart palpitation/leaps to grab things in mid-air/"no no no no no no no Julia"!  As I write. I am constantly measuring the risk that she is encountering as she scales the couch.  My life feels like it has moved into "wing it" mode.  Everything feels half done as I've had to leave it to remove Julia from some dangerous looming household fixture.  By the time she is contained, we have entered into a new adventure. 

So at this moment she has a nose that is so runny that it has smeared her face in a glossy glow, a dirty onesie caked with black beans and eggs from the "quiche and quesadilla" night that we decided to have, her pants are unbuttoned (because they seem more comfortable that way) and that's apparently what she decided to do after her dinner :), and she has one sock on with the other no where in sight.  But, she is safe for the moment, so all is well. 

And...a shout out to Kate (and J.) for coming for an awesome low-key weekend of wine and sewing.  We were so busy with some projects that we didn't take many pictures (except a few great shots).  I wish that we had captured some of our projects...Next time!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And then there were 10

10 whole months today!
We're not quite sure how it happened, but suddenly this little one has sprouted a tooth and is now crawling (almost toddling) around with some serious speed!  Containment will most likely be the theme of this next month.  I've already had to get creative as I attempt to place her at the right angles so that I can accomplish simple tasks.  You know, like placing her on the floor with just enough time to stir dinner, but not enough time for her to access the dog food.  She sure has an ecclectic palate - she has run the gamut from fish at a high end restauraunt to Scout's food (and a dime, but she didn't swallow it so it doesn't count).
Here is my greatest containment acheivement: SWINGS. 
Oh, I have rekindled the joy of swings.  It's been a while.  I think we will be hanging out at the park more often!

Monday, April 5, 2010


The makings of a good basket? 
*A handsewn onesie with my favorite fishy fabric (with a little pink fish sewn on the butt)
*Rabbit ears
*Furry little ducks
*PJ's and...
*a book about Easter

We told Julia the story of Jesus' ressurection and sang songs thoughout the day.  These events seem so big in our minds as we are celebrating "firsts", but it is important that we weave our faith, tradition, and stories into these moments.  Nothing quite captures the magnitude of this day or the depth of its meaning.  My hope is that we always maintain our focus on teaching why this is so important as we celebrate.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. - John 10:10
Thank you God for the abundance of grace and joy and love that You pour out to us.

Easter highlights:  making it to church on time (yes, this is a big deal for us), hearing Julia's unashamed and unabandoned voice ring out during the hymns, Charles flaunting his green linen pants, perfecting an aggressive Easter brunch menu that included homemade mac and cheese, kielbasa and sourkraut, and caremelized apple french toast, stealing glimpses of Julia in her cute little outfit that reminded me of Carrie from Little House on the Prairie, 2 egg hunts - watching baby Luke share the wealth of his eggs, Mimi and Poppi sharing in the joy of discovering Julia's first tooth, and spending some amazing time with family.