Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello Miss Julia

Now that I've been back to work for about a month, life has changed drastically. I know it's a good balance, but I feel like we jump in and hold our breath on the days that I work and then emerge trying to pull all of the pieces together. Julia is fine with all of this. She's so adaptable!

We had a rotation of our parents watching her the first 3 weeks, but this week she started in an in-home daycare for 2 of the 3 days that I work. Apparently she loves watching the older kids and I think this will be a great socialization opportunity for her. (I had to keep telling myself this as I walked away from her in tears everyday!)

The past month has been so much fun as Julia becomes so much more alert and vibrant from day to day. My neighbor randomly invited me to a Mommy and Me music class that is held in a little school house a mile from our house. I decided to go and check it out thinking that I would get a feel for whether I would like to sign up when Julia is ready for something like this. I completely underestimated the fact that she would already be engaged and ready for this class - SHE LOVED IT! She was in awe from start to finish and even threw in a few squeals of delight. The crazy woman who runs it starts off with a welcome/hello song that has been stuck in my head since the class. Each time I sing "hello, Miss Julia. How are you today?" she gets a big kick out of it! Needless to say, I have humbled myself to the goofy-singing-mom-role and we will be back to the music class when we get back from vacation.

We are off to Florida to celebrate my mom's 50th for a fun filled weekend with our family. This will include many firsts for Julia...plane, beach, visit to Aunt Kirstan' I'm sure I will have much to report. And then when we get home, Julia will be 4 months old! I love seeing her grow, but this is just flying by!


  1. Did she laugh yet? I miss her!

  2. she laughed last night for the first to follow shortly when I can figure out how to post it. Hysterical!

  3. Evangeline and I do a mommy and me music class, too! They also start with the, "Hello Eva, how are you today?" song. She loves it!