Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creativity 101

Having a baby opens a whole new world to "Do it yourself" projects.  Most of the time I just amuse myself with the thought of being inspired as it is nearly impossible to complete a project in the midst of diapers and feedings.  Projects that I can start up and then leave for another time are typically more of my speed, but that just guarantees that my "unfinished" area in my studio is going to explode.  SO, quick and easy is my motto these days.  Lately I have been eyeing some barettes in some of the DIY blogs. There is something so sweet about little felt barrettes in a baby's fine hair.  I found this easy fabric tutorial the other day and I have been on a mission to make one for every little girl that I know.  Yes, they are that easy! 
Click here for the Prudent Baby link
 And here is my finished product.  It probably takes about 20 minutes from start to finish - about the time that Julia can bounce in her jumper before she's had enough or the time of a quick "Julia style" nap. 

I just made some easy modifications.  I didn't cover the hair clip in the back.  There is really no need to do this.  And I love buttons, so I opted not to cover the buttons, I think it adds so much more to the finished piece.  The possibilities are endless with different fabric combinations. 

And now we wait for Julia's hair to grow...

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