Friday, July 16, 2010

Yay for moms!

Nope, this isn't a belated mother's day shout out.  It is a recognition of the fact that mom's are great.  Their timing is always impecable!  My mom and Gram came for a visit this week while Charles is away on business.  He doesn't travel very often, but this trip just happened to coincide with several "life complicating" circumstances.  First and foremost, Julia is on a mission.  A search and destroy mission.  A distant second is the fact that I have several projects going on at once with a deadline on the horizon.  I am attempting to plan my sisters bridal shower and bachelorette party and HAD to get the invitations out this week.  So, mom and Gram....Thank You for everything from helping me wrangle Julia to giving Scout an impromptu hose down as you were about to leave.  Mom's are amazing and Grams are amazing with a few more years of experience, so they are wiser and a bit more laid back. 
I always thought that motherhood would make me anxious, but I made a gem of a discovery over the past few days.  Whenever I worry about something I realize that my mom is going to worry about it 10 times more, so I can relax and just let her take over.  I wonder if my mom worried about me as much as she worries about Julia :) 
I got so much done during the time they were here.  My sister's invitations are still a work in progress, but with a few moments to myself I was able to finish this onesie for Clara's first birthday. 
She is going to look mighty cute in this one!

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