Tuesday, September 6, 2011

favorite things *(reprise)*

I always write about my favorite tools - the gadgets that make life easier.  From muffins to my baby Boba carrier, I often find myself going on and on and on to new moms about the quirky essentials that make daily life as a parent a little bit easier.  Since we've been somewhat homebound (it takes a lot of energy to confidently take my fragile newborn and two year old who is like a volcano waiting to erupt out on my own), I realize how much of our day is spent doing the mundane.  Maybe it was our trip to Maine, where we packed our car to the brim, but really only used a quarter of what we brought or maybe it was this morning when both of my children were in diapers and found great joy in each other's smile - I have come to the realization that some of my favorite things lately are not things.  They are moments. 
Here are the favorites of the week:
  • Things have gotten better.  There is no real measure for how or why or what has changed.  It's just better.  We're getting this whole "2 children" thing figured out.
  • After a fun day with friends yesterday, Julia sat quietly in her carseat on the way home and sweetly announced, "I feel happy mommy and daddy!  This was a good day!" 
  • Charlie continues to insist that his favorite sleeping position is on the chest of the person holding him.  It makes for some unending priceless moments of snuggling with him. 
  • We are reminded daily of the wonderful community of friends surrounding us with encouragement and some good old fashioned help every now and then (like storing breastmilk in their freezer after the hurricane came through and mowing our lawn while we were away).  They also serve the important role of normalizing all of our crazy moments!
  • Nothing puts a smile on Charlie's face like the presence of his sister.  There are few places that Julia would rather be than right by his side!  I could say this over and over again, but I am in awe of their relationship already!
  • Julia has mastered the big girl bed.  It was like slaying a dragon.  We are all quite proud of ourselves that nobody was hurt during this process!  Now bring on the next challenge - we are armed and ready!
It's nice to write these down as I realize how quickly we forget these moments...and how quickly the things can turn sour :)  It is even better to have some of them captured on camera.
The following pictures were taken last month by my best friend - she's a pretty amazing photographer and even more amazing friend!
"Sitting there in your pajamas & all the time in the world & if I could keep any moment it would be this: watching you & holding my breath with the wonder of it all."
- Brian Andreas

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  1. I love Becca's shots - can't wait to see more of them! It really makes me wish even more that I had done photos with Austin. I think I missed my window.