Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homecoming (kind of)

Charlie has graciously allowed a room tour.  This is not just any room tour.  This is Charlie's "it's officially done and I can live here" room tour.  It only took us 6 months to finally pull it together for him.  There are several reasons that it took this long for Charlie to finally sleep in his room.  I will list the top three:
1. He is the second child.  Enough said.
2. His room was held as a bargaining tool.  Charlie would stay in the bassinette until the room was complete. Charles didn't like this idea, but it was the only way that I could assure that the pictures would be hung.  
3. With the knowledge that Charlie could possibly be our last child, I took every opportunity to keep him right next to me as long as I could.  At one point a few weeks ago, we had a running joke that Charlie would return home from the prom and tell his friends, "Hey guys, goodnight.  I'm going to my parent's room to sleep in the bassinette now".  Somewhere in each of my blogs I end up having to acknowledge, "poor Charlie".  Yes, poor thing.  Good thing he has a great room.  
Anyway, let's start with how the room looked less than a year ago.  You might remember the horrible wood from this BABY BOY GRAY post.  Let me just insert one picture to bring it home.  It doesn't help that I took this picture at night, but the room was so dark, I could never imagine this space as a child's room.
 Fast-forward 9 months.  
I can just hear him saying, "Hi my name is Charlie.  Also known as Cha-ley to my sister.  Often referred to as 'Choo Choo Charlie' and 'Charlie-bear'.  Anyway, welcome to my room!"
We started with a white and gray pallette on the walls, and it just made sense to add in the yellow.  The yellow carpet pulls it all together along with the wall hangings.  My parents also bought Charlie a great nightlight that has red and darker blues in it, which work in small ways throughout the room.  (You can see the nightlight peeking out from behind the chair).
So much brighter huh?
The two prints on the right are from two of my favorite Etsy shops.  You should check them out!
Almost Sunday has custom prints (you can see Charlie's stats in the "our little sunshine" print if you look closely).  I would like to order one of everything from her shop.  Amazing graphic designs!
Raw Art Letter Press had a great assortment of "sunshine" themed prints.
Both were great to order from - so accommodating and eager to embark on a custom order!
The "you are my sunshine" frame is from my most favorite beach store ever - South Moon Under.  Rehoboth Beach may be 400 miles away, but this frame is like a little piece of beachy goodness.
This letter "C" is brought to you by the lovely Kate Morgner.  I think it was inspired by Pinterest, but she is pretty stinking creative herself! :)

The hanging shelf was made by my grandfather.  You can't see it well, but it is a great blend of sturdy and funky.  I love it.
It is quite difficult to capture the great pieces of this room through pictures.  But there it is.  We've come a long way.  The room is done.  I tossed the white flag of surrender in the big debate on when Charlie will finally be allowed to sleep here.  He we have successfully made the transition on the first of the year.
Sleep tight Charlie-bear.

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