Monday, February 13, 2012

and we hit another milestone!

What a magical 7 months it has been!
 Each moment with you has redefined the joy experienced in raising a child.  Every milestone reignites such pride and excitement as if you were the first and only one to ever achieve it.  You make it easy to feel this way.  Your joy continues to spill over in every expression on your face.  Life just seems to amuse you.  I love this quality in you and constantly study you to figure out how to bottle this up.
This month has been a busy one for you.  We have said hello to your first tooth and in return, "Good-bye" to our restful nights.  You've sprouted from your belly to your hands and knees and are just about ready to move.  We will cherish these last few weeks of limited mobility.  Food has not been an easy transition, but your whole 15 pound self is slowly growing into the idea of gnawing on a few things.  I'd like to say that you like pears since that's the only thing you eat, but I am pretty sure that you're just bored with the limited selection and want to move on to the good stuff (the fun things that your sister is eating).  I have a good feeling this will happen sooner than we're ready.  You are so responsive and expressive now.  Julia continues to bring out the best belly laughs (even when you should probably be crying as a result of her actions).  You've started swim lessons and have a blast in the pool.  At first you weren't sure what to think of it, now, you practice your frog swim anytime you're on your belly.  And now your sitting up.  A few weeks ago you'd topple over quite easily, but now you're up and stable and planning out your new adventures once you start moving.
This month was a huge transition into the fun parts of babyhood.  It seems to just get better from here as you really start moving and communicating.  
Happy 7 months little guy.

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