Monday, April 23, 2012

waiting on (not my) baby

Almost exactly this time last week one of my best friends was in labor.  A few of us traded phone calls back and forth.  We sent text after text that included everything we knew throughout the day.  I was five hours away, but as I paced throughout the morning, I felt as though I was pacing the halls of the hospital waiting to hear the big announcement of the baby's arrival.  
I missed the, "It's a GIRL!", but I felt it from miles away.  I had tears in my eyes as I heard of this new life entering the world and I felt an even deeper connection with Jill as she became a mother in that moment.  I have yet to meet little Francesca Ellen and I hope that she won't do to much growing in the next 10 days.  
Here Francesca's little handmade onesie - sea-themed (of course!)
 And a gift for Bean.  Gift might not be the right word.  This blanket was a gift 14 years ago when Jilly graduated from high school.  I presented her with this gift and then quickly took it back because it was unfinished.  Fourteen years later it seemed quite appropriate for her to have her blanket back.  In the time since the first presentation of this gift I have learned how to sew and added much more love to this blanket.  
I think it was worth the wait :)
This is Bean meeting Charlie for the first time.  Little did she know, but she would be greeting her own sweet baby almost exactly nine months later.  
Charlie knew!

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