Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cowboy Charlie's First birthday

With the combination of a well timed vacation and an opportunity to take part in one of the greatest weddings ever, we just so happened to celebrate Charlie's birthday in Pennsylvania.  When we knew we were going to throw him a party here, a cowboy theme fit perfectly.  Mimi and Papa's home in the country surrounded by horses provided the best backdrop and Papa is a true cowboy, so we had plenty of western decorations to fit the theme.  We just added a few bales of hay (which works well for toddler containment), a "watering hole" water table, some squirt guns, some sheriff banana cupcakes, and a real deal BBQ and we had ourselves a wild west extravaganza! 
12 months of Charlie birthday banner

The growing bunch of future best friends
Babci got really into the squirt guns.  She's a quick draw and did  not hesitate to take down her great -great granddaughter!
A make-shift (free hand) horse cake.  It was an interesting endeavor with limited baking utensils...
For the favors I made some "Little Buck-a-roo Trail Mix" - perfect for little ones.  It was an inexpensive and cute favor idea!  
3/4 box of Honey Graham squares 
1/2 bag mini Marshmallows
3c. Cheerios
1 bag Craisins
1/2 bag wagon wheel pretzels
Mini Chocolate Chips (optional to keep this baby centered you can forgo the chips, but every trail mix needs a bit o' chocolate!)
Mix in a large bowl.  If you have a toddler, this is the perfect activity!  If you are feeling extra creative, wrap them in a bandanna, add some labels, and/or attach a harmonica.  We were going to add the harmonicas, but they went missing for a few hours.  The favors were just as cute (and less noisy) :)
Despite the photo, Charlie and his cowboy friends had a blast!

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