Sunday, May 26, 2013

and in further growing news...

We have been open for business for several weeks, but to be perfectly honest, the idea of promoting things made me wonder if I was going to have to have sleepless nights sewing perfectly straight lines. I have since learned that it is possible to balance.  
So here you go - an addition to the balancing act of our growing lives...Our Etsy shop: 4 Stories.  
Here are the general responses to the questions that we've fielded so far about the shop:
Why the name 4 stories? - This shop is a reflection of many months (ok, maybe years) of talking through ways to share creativity between my college friend, Kate and I.  Kate and I met on the 4th floor of WITMER (shout out to Witmer!) dorm the very first day of our freshman year and have been best friends since that day.  We wanted a name that was a reflection of us - our friendship, our roots, and also the current place in our lives.  The name 4 Stories is not only the floor where we met, but a reflection of the chapters in our lives, and a whimsical play on our target audience - little ones (ha! I just read 4 stories to Charlie tonight!)
What are we selling?  I believe that this may evolve over time.  I get on kicks with when sewing onesies and then I move onto something new.  In wintertime it's cozy owls and in the summer, crabs are usually my favorite simple creature all made with fun fabrics.  Kate has been making capes and banners for some time now and I have been sewing onesies for friends since I purchased a sewing machine 4 years ago.  After people started requesting custom onesies to purchase, we figured it was high time to open a shop on Etsy.  Our goal is simple handmade items made with great fabric.  (Yes, we text each other when we've struck a cool fabric find).  
Can I place a special order?  Yep, we're pretty flexible.  Etsy allows us the ability to post our items, but we are more than willing to think outside the box for whatever you'd like for your little one or a gift.  We love personalizing items!  I come from the theory that little ones should have personalized things.  Again with my tangent on monogramming...

So check us out and keep 4 Stories in mind for yourself or friends with little ones.  Each item makes a wonderful gift!

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