Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome! Welcome!

After a much anticipated arrival, baby Gray is a BOY!  
Henry John (named for both of his grandfathers) arrived on Sunday afternoon, September 22nd, 2013.  He weighed in at 7lbs 12oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.  
It all started with a fairly bumpy hay ride at a local corn maze on Saturday the 21st.  Contractions started up again later that night and they finally crossed the threshold of being hospital-worthy.  The only advantage to having weeks of contractions was that I was ready for them when it was actually "go time".  The experience of labor was completely different than Julia's or Charlie's and with the help of Charles and my mom, I had an amazing and life-altering unmedicated birth experience (Disclaimer: the end product was absolute perfection, but I wouldn't want to relive those final moments of labor again!)  Since his arrived, he is the source of peace in a crazy home.  We've added a 7lb tiny being to our world, but somehow it has shifted the dynamic enough to feel pretty overwhelming.  This part will take some time, I'm sure.  I told Henry that he's probably not going to experience a quiet home until he is an only child again in 16 years - when Charlie goes off to college.  In the midst of post-partum recovery, I am learning to sit back and take in the noise and recognize that life will always be loud.  Life will be filled with 3 little loves who will grow together and always have eachother no matter what.  And this is just the beginning...
And we're home!
No, there are no other children on the horizon, the fourth little pumpkin is for Scout.  
Our family is complete.  We are feeling so blessed and giving thanks for this precious gift.