Tuesday, November 10, 2009

who knew?

Why is it that nobody ever told me how great this age was?  I guess I had to experience this for myself, but I really didn't know that she would be so animated and excited about life!  We've had a fun-packed few weeks with some busy times ahead as we celebrate my 30th, Thanksgiving, and Julia's baptism in a week span at the end of this month.  The Gray household will be hosting some fun festivities (including a Turkey Trot 5K that Charles is pulling together).  More on that I'm sure...
Here are the highlights of the last few weeks as she wraps up her final days of being a 4 month old: (dramatic, I know, but I feel so sentimental about how quickly this is happening!)

So, I have a minor obsession with Julia's feet.  I have decided to use this obsession to my advantage with the many babies that have entered our lives.  I have started using Julia's footprint to make cute little cards for an adorable and low cost gift.  Charles is convinced that there are child labor laws against this sort of thing, but I can't get enough of these tiny little toes! 

Julia has also discovered her new best friend - Scout.  She reaches out and intentioinally pets her and even squeals with delight when Scout licks her hand.  It's cute to see this little bond growing.  I don't think Scout quite knows what is in store for her...I can see that Julia is not going to be gentle and if Julia is anything like the Cirillo side of the family, she will LOVE dogs (and want to create a shelter for stray animals). 

And our latest endeavor - rice cereal!  We decided to try it.  She's just so interested in what we're eating and everything goes into her mouth.  She was quite a natural and didn't spit any out (the mess was just the cereal that never made it into her mouth since she insisted on trying to feed herself).  Yes, this is how we spent our Saturday night and I must say, we were quite entertained.  Here are the highlights:

The other night Julia fell asleep on my chest.  I love those moments - when I can feel her entire weight melt into me as she falls asleep and fully trusts in the comfort of her mother.  She becomes more and more active everyday and I realize that she isn't going to always be so willing to relax on the couch or fall asleep that way.  I LOVE this time with her! 

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  1. Love her. You are a mom lauren... it's amazing to be a part of that in your life and see you become a mother and have the heart of a mother. Love it. When will I get to see you?? I know you aren't coming down for thanksgiving :( hopefully soon!