Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Favorite things

I have a secret wish that I could make a guest appearance on Oprah or (on a smaller scale) have an article in Real Simple magazine featuring: Lauren's Favorite Things.  Every Christmas I seem to find one thing that I would like to buy in bulk - one of those items of the year that is functional and hip and just makes my day so much easier. 
In 2007 I would have featured the trusty head-lamp - great for my grandmother as she walks her dogs and Charles as he attempts to fix our leaking roof in the middle of the night.  What other gift can you buy for both your grandmother and husband? 

2008 would definately be the all purpose Farmers Market collapsable basket.  I have bought this for just about everyone and I take it everywhere!  It's especially handy when I am in charge of bringing an appetizer somewhere - I just load up the basket and I'm ready to go.
 *I found mine at Home Goods and subsequently bought them out of about 10 more*

And as we all know, 2009 is all about the baby. 
When I was pregnant I asked every new mom I could find to name their top 3 baby products.  I was clueless about the essentials and wanted to keep the big circus-like toys to a minimum.  So here are my top 3...not that there isn't other "need to have" type gear, but these are the things that make me smile when I'm using them.  They make life easier, or just a bit more cheerful.

#1 - The BOB stroller - just watch the demo, you will be sold!

# 2 - Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag (here is the link to the blog)  The shoulder bag is so functional!  It's a bit pricey, but it's very durable, so I anticipate that it'll last beyond our first child...

#3 - Etsy...ok, more specifically these burp cloths (but I have made some other GREAT Etsy finds - especially for unique handmade/embroidered clothes).  If you ever need an easy New Baby gift this is the place to go.  The woman who makes these is wonderful to work with!

oh, and the Baby Ergo is very cool too!  I know there is a "babywearing" movement, which I can't say that I've read too much about (I have a good feeling that if I read up on it, I would be even more excited about the Ergo!)  I just love the idea of having her close to me every moment possibe.  It's great bonding time and it helps me get things done around the house! 

And now a focus on the things that REALLY matter in life:  friends.  This weekend inspired me to think about my favorite things because it goes in the history books as one of the best weekends of my life.  It was a 3 day long 30th birthday celebration starting with a nice little visit from my parents, a "Gray-style" party on Friday night, which was a nice reminder that we DO have friends in Massachusetts - great ones!  Sometimes it takes them all in the same room to remind you that you've got roots somewhere. 
And to top it all off: a surprise trip to New York where I was met by Kate, Jill, Kris and Becca and whisked away to a great lunch and an amazing Broadway show - Wicked. 
Here are some of the highlights:

Thank you everyone!

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