Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brought to you by the letter 'B'

Julia has discovered her vowels.  Ahh, the joy of babyhood - where you can engage in a full converstation with yourself with words that all begin with the letter B.  Last night she was fussy in her crib and in between cries we heard what my husband and I swore was "big bad baby".  We were hysterical! I guess I would be pretty impressed with myself too if I discovered this whole new language.  Lots of great things start with the letter B:  Ball, Blog, Beer, and "big bad baby". She's working on her D's now so we'll se what she comes up with!
So this big bad baby is now taking swim lessons and is quite engaged in this process.  I realize how much I am learning about Julia's personality as she encounters these new adventures.  I can tell that she loves it, but she doesn't quite smile.  She's busy soaking it all in (literally).  She is so observant and aware of her surroundings.  Charles dunked her the other morning at the lesson and it didn't even phase her.  She just looked to him for reassurance and kept on going.  She definately lets us know where she is and what she wants (in her own way obviously).  She has a sweet yet bold presence.  I love it!
Here is a little snapshot of her swim time.  This face pretty much captures her "look" throughout her 1/2 hour in the pool each week.

On a side note, I have been going to town on some sewing projects.  I am so excited about the possibilities once I really get the hang of my machine.  My problem is that I haven't had more than tiny bits of time to really tackle things...besides the afternoon that I had with Laura that was supposed to be a "craft day" of sewing, but it was more of 20% sewing, 30% playing with Julia, 5% unloading the car, 5% eating really good blueberry muffins, and 40% talking about sewing and preparation.  That sounds about right.  It was a lovely afternoon and Laura is my most favorite craft buddy in all of Massachusetts!  Anyway, I am looking forward to making something that might be "blogworthy" - we shall see.


  1. "Blueberry" and "blogworthy": 2 more words beginning with "B".

  2. The 30% playing with Julia was my favorite part of the day :)