Thursday, March 11, 2010

In the NINES. a l m o s t

What do
I do
with this?
Today we traveled back to the Dr. for happier reasons.  Julia will be nine months old on Saturday and we went in for a check-up.  She greeted Dr. B with some claps and was so good through the entire visit.  She even tried on Dr. B's stethascope and was quite proud of herself! 
She is now 19.4 lbs and 27 1/4 inches tall. 
Yep, she's growing!
We are still waiting to document her first "steps" toward mobility. We decided we weren't going to count the fact that she scooted herself backwards 180 degrees to get to a toy that she wanted.  She's so close, but I will cherish these last few days/weeks of peace knowing that she still stays pretty much where I put her down. 
 Our newest endeavor?  Tupperware.  I might as well box up all of her toys (except for her stuffed clam) and call it a day.  She has so much fun with the mundane things that I can find for her throughout the house.  It's quite fun for me as I now have a whole different view on the use for these household items. 

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