Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chalkboard flower pots

Here is an easy guide for the chalkbard pot/party favors from Julia's birthday:
chalkboard paint
flower pot
potting soil

buttons - just a cute touch to give a guide for making the base of the flowers
hot glue gun

5 great things about these party favors:
1) They cost about $2 each - the pot cost $1 at Big Lots, the chalkboard paint was about $20 (but we only used a small amount...I have plenty of other projects in mind to use up this paint), and the flowers were pretty cheap (one of the perks of the fact that my mother-in-law is the garden club president...she knows where to get flowers), and then the chalk and buttons were just a few cents.
2) It's a favor that people might actually enjoy and it's fun for all ages (Julia played in the dirt, but the bigger kids loved potting their own plant). 
3) They were so easy (just paint and allow 24 hours to dry) and so much fun to personalize.
4) You could write a little message on these and give them to a friend...the possibilities are endless!
5) Having extra flowers is not as burdensome as having a ton of extra food - I just simply planted the few flowers that were left over.

And here are some of the remaining highlights from Sunday - Julia's official birthday.

Enjoying her new chair from Mimi and Poppi - she sat in it like a queen!

Hanging with my friend Zoey to top off the day!

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