Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer is here!

For the past 2 weeks the Gray house has been celebration station.  After Julia's birthday we celebrated Charles' birthday and Father's day in the same weekend.  This coming week we celebrate our 3 year anniversary...and then we take a break for a while.  Luckily, we started out strong and will take a low maintenance approach to our anniversary.  We plan on heading out to the Berkshires to hike at Bish Bash falls.  In my sheltered time in Massachusetts, I still haven't made my way west and I am determined to experience the Berkshires!
For Charles' birthday we headed to Boston to catch a Sox game, which was Julia's first visit to Fenway. She never ceases to amaze me with how well she does!  We had an amazing day (with several breaks each inning) and we even got to meet up with our friends Jim and Natalie who just moved to Boston. We ended the night with an awesome dinner in the North End. 
Maybe it's the ballpark experience or maybe it was the 80-something degree weather, but I had that sudden realization that summer has officially arrived.  It feels like I haven't had a "summer" in 2 years since last year was a complete blur and we spent 99% of it inside.  So I decided to come up with some summer goals since I know from experience that it will rush by. 

1. Host a summer dinner party (inspired by Country Living magazine).  I know, I'm such a dork, but I have this vision of lanterns and milk can vases for flowers...
2. Take Julia to the Zoo - Forest Park might suffice, but if we can catch the Philadelphia Zoo that would be bonus points.
3. Make my own popsicles with the cool molds that I just scored on clearance at Home Goods. 
4. On a rainy day - declutter my studio and organize my fabrics.  Clean out our basement...SIMPLIFY.
5.  Take a few day trips (or overnight) to some of the many exciting places within a few hours of our home.  Berkshires. the Adirondacks...

So there it is.  Nice and written down for accountability sake.  What are your summer goals?  You should write them down.  It's almost July you know :)
In other news, I finally completed the album for Julia.  I used pieces of the blog entries along with pictures throughout the year to put it all together.  I would highly recommend this through MyPublisher - it turned out great.  They have some great coupon offers and they make good gifts for family.  I'd love to do this yearly, but I will just celebrate the fact that I completed this one.
Julia greeting her daddy with a birthday kiss.  There is something about dads and their little girls...
...and little girls with their dogs.

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