Friday, August 13, 2010

14 months

Miss Julia is 14 months old today. To celebrate, she woke up bright and early, perused the house, and decided that she would like me to blow bubbles.  So at 7:45am, we blew bubbles (in the house) - it was a pre-coffee moment, but very cute.  "Bubble" is her new word along with her continued "blue" ,"baby", "book" and now "boo" when she plays peek-a-boo.  Several months ago when Julia first started babbling, I wrote a post about her fondness of the letter "B" - as you can see, this was not just a phase. 
My favorite part of this stage is just watching her take in and process the world around her.  Julia knows the important people in her life and she now points them out in pictures.  She blows kisses to Mimi and Poppa when they call on the phone and she tries to escape to her friend "Andew" next door.   She gets excited when she hears the rooster in our backyard (no, it is not ours...long story) and she is working on her animal sounds.  She just loves her daddy - "dada" is the first words out of her mouth when she wakes up.  It is the sweetest sound!
Speaking of...the following pictures all took place under the supervision of her daddy
(I just noticed all of these beautiful moments as I looked at the pictures I had uploaded): 
Of all of the drink choices, she prefers a Coors Light. 
He is also responsible for the purchase of a potty (a year prematurely). I believe that it has a little bit to do with the fact that it saved him on shipping from Amazon, but he also believes that our child is exceptionally smart. I think he imagines that he will wake up tomorrow morning and she will be using the potty while reading the Sunday paper.

I love those legs!
Yes, she is a Cirillo!  The following picture is proof:
Somehow daddys always get away with the fun things!
Happy 14 months Julia

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