Friday, August 27, 2010

Pre-wedding weekend

Last weekend we celebrated Kirstan's upcoming wedding with a shower and bachelorette party that fit my sister very well.  Anytime you can blend the hip elements of New York city with the down home flavor of Chester County, PA, I would call it a success. 
We topped it all off on Sunday with a beautiful shower that was a sweet ending to a sassy weekend :) 
While planning each adventure I kept in mind Kirstan's personality and her favorite things.  New York was her destination of choice and our hotel was right up her alley.  Brunch on Saturday and crabs later in the evening were some of her favorites.  For the shower, I wanted to make sure it was personal for her, so with a some help, we made all of the decorations keeping with the colors and theme of her wedding. 
These are the favors that I made - a cost effective and cute magnet with a mix of verses, quotes, and their initials:
"The future Mrs. Cazzola" banner was an inspiration from the Ashley Ann Photography blog.  It was a collection of coffee sleeves recycled into something pretty.
Limes are must.  So was the key lime pie for dessert! 
And for a little bit of fun we added some wedding advice from the attendees. 

Kirstan's wedding advice for me at my shower 3 years ago?  "You never know what tomorrow will bring, so always live each day with Charles like it's your last!...And always be nice to your sister!"

I love this idea!  And so I thought that I would use the chalk/quote board that I had purchased for her wedding photobooth to capture not only the advice, but the people that said it.  The board could easily be made with a piece of wood, a saw, and some chalkboard paint.  Here are some of the results:

This is our Gram, she added a little spice to the day :)  This advice is purely Gram.  She is one of a kind! 

There is no bond that compares to having a sister.  Being the "little" sister, she has always been the one I look up to, the first one I call on, and the one who understands me like no one else in the world.  It is interesting to see her enter this phase of her life because it almost seems as though I see her in a whole new light.  I am so incredibly proud of her.  She has picked out someone who balances her quite well.  She's always been a good judge of the people she holds close to her!
Congratulations Kirstan!  You are so loved!

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