Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The good and the...good

Here is a snapshot of the last few days in our house:
 MESSY is the common theme and it all is magnified by...
the fact that our kitchen consists of just the bones of the house.
Julia doesn't hide her emotions about this chaos
(or she may just be mad because I put her hat on backwards).
So I'm sure that this piece of information could be psychoanalyzed, but I seem to thrive in chaos.  It causes you to focus your attention on the things that need it and it eliminates the time to worry about the rest.  So, despite the fact that every time I put 2 things away, Julia displaces 4 more and aside from the knowledge that our makeshift kitchen consists of our bathroom sink and a cutting board in our living room, there is so much goodness surrounding us.  
So, I will choose to look on the bright side.  Literally.
We just found this pendant light, which will be a great accent for our farmhouse feel.  The little touches are coming together!
 fall in New England is here - there is nothing better!  We discovered this great apple orchard just a few miles from our home.  The picture doesn't even describe the view!

Don't be fooled by Julia's face, she was thrilled by the experience.  She even picked her own apple from the tree and took a bite!
Next week we leave for Florida for my sister's wedding.  More to come on these upcoming festivities!

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