Monday, November 1, 2010

Sisterhood (and wedding details)

I only have one sister.  One great sister that I got to look up to, snuggle up to. copy, and annoy.  As we've grown I have learned how valuable this relationship is.  It is set apart from any other relationship I've ever encountered.  First of all, Kirstan didn't have a choice when I came along.  I was forced upon her (and I believe that it took her a long time to embrace this reality).  Second, she paved the way for me.  She did the difficult things so that it would be easier for me when it was my turn.  Despite my efforts to maintain my own identity throughtout my life, I always wanted to be just like my sister.  And my favorite part of sisterhood...the innate connection that doesn't need words.  Just being together is enough.  I get her. 
Going through the wedding planning process with Kirstan has been a challenge and a gift.  It's reinforced the fact that we are hundreds of miles away from one another.  I felt the perpetual guilt of being far away when things were stressful for her or she needed a simple opinion about color.  At the same time, it is pretty neat to see her so happy and be part of this process for her.  The wedding went off without a hitch (ok, maybe just a few..but despite the fact that they forgot the rings, they are still legally married). 
My favorite part of the whole thing were the personal touches that pulled it all together.  I was so honored to be part of it.  When you see your sister happy, nothing else matters.
Here is a small glimpse of some of the handmade details.
My first attempt at a ruffle butt onesie.  They are pretty addictive.  And they are pretty darn cute!
Proud to be a flower girl.  But not proud enough to stay clean for more than 2 minutes.

The "pretty" version to come when I upload more pictures...including Kate Morgner's beautiful flowers, the big event, and Julia's flower girl debut!

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  1. That is the sweetest post Lauren. I hope the wedding was fantastic. Alex (Jill's cousin)