Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabric love (part 2)

So, with some down time this winter I have decided to tackle some bigger projects.  Inspiration for these projects always starts with some great fabric and a few really neat ideas from some of the blogs that I follow.  My latest ambition?  Bedding and curtains. 
Now, apparently these are easy tasks, but I was reading a great book the other day that encouraged the reader to think about the type of sewer they are:
1) Perfectionist (focus on details)
2) Miser (thrifty, attempt to use all of your fabric at hand)
3) Artist (creative, fly by the seat of your pants)
4) Speed Demon (in a rush to do a lot of sewing in a little amount of time)
These are good things to know about yourself.  I am by no means a perfectionist.  The route from start to finish for me is often pretty bumpy.  I make changes from the original plan and I am often at a loss for how I got to the end result.  Therefore, I tend to avoid projects that require measuring and calculating, and (most importantly) patience.
Maybe it's the knowledge that I probably won't have extra time to do these things for at least another few years or maybe it is the itching reminder that I'm going to need to learn a thing or two about patience with another child coming along, but I think it's about time to buckle down and figure this out.  
For now, I will just embark on my favorite part of this journey and choose some fabric for the room. 
I don't think I'll use the one below, but it's awful fun!
 No, we don't know the gender, but I do have a magnetic draw to greens and blues. 
Here is proof that we are thinking of both options :)

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