Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy Valentine's Day

 We made it through a week without any major snow accumulations, but there is still very little that we can do outside.  I did a little research to figure out a Valentine's Day project that was age appropriate for Julia.  After an exhausting search, we came back to the basics: finger painting and pretzels.  I had Julia paint on a large strip of paper with red paint.  We let it dry and then I cut it into hearts. 
We then made little love notes for family and friends, but it needed a little something more...
I wanted to make something that Julia could help with, which led me to the ease (and deliciousness) of chocolate covered pretzels.  We made what seemed like dozens, but as soon as Julia got a hold of one, she was hooked.  And so was I.

 We ended up with a few treat bags for her babysitter and a some others, but it definately took on a much smller scale.  Instead of sending a ton of love notes, I sewed a continuous strand of the painted hearts to make an adorable garland that is now hanging on our window.  That's about as festive as I get.
This left me with plenty of time to work on my gift to Julia.
I didn't really anticipate making this for Julia as a Valentine's Day gift, but when I think of her latest loves, I immediately think of her love for her "banket".  She must go everywhere with a small fleece blanket that my sister bought for her.  I have wanted to make her a blanket to practice some of the techniques needed for a blanket and bumper pad for the nursery.  This was the perfect easy project.  I did have to pull out a few stitches here and there as I figured it out on my own, but Julia was pretty happy with it. 
Yes, pretty much everything I make is personalized somehow.  She won't have to share this one with her new sibling :)
 Happy Valentine's Day from Julia Claire Gray!

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