Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed in until further notice...

I am embarrassed to say that we have been so homebound that I haven't even ventured outside to take pictures of this monsterous snow that hasn't let up for the past month.  Poor Julia would be swallowed up by the drifts, so we watch it from the window (it literally reaches up to our front windows) and dream about the fun things we can do when we finally get outside.  We're all experiencing a little cabin fever, though Julia has consumed much of her time searching for bugs.  She found one the other day and is now convinced that every speck on the floor must be a bug.  She is obsessed in a cute and concerned kind of way. 
 And when this weather coincides with a new onset of second trimester pregnancy cravings, it is the perfect mix for some time in the kitchen.  My mom visited for the weekend and we cooked some lovely feasts.  On the menu?  Rich Mushroom soup, Vanilla Bean Bourbon cake from Bon Apetit magazine, and my new and improved favorite recipe: Baked Egg Rolls from Cooking Light.  I have made these before, but this time I tweaked things a bit to make the recipe easier.  First of all, I didn't have celery, so I just added more cabbage.  Also, I bought the veggies preshredded, which greatly cuts down on time.  And finally, I brushed each egg roll lightly with olive oil so that they weren't so healthy feeling. It was a craving, I had to indulge a little bit :)  Oh, and in the ethnic food section of your grocery store you can find some spicy mustard, which is a great dipping sauce along with the one provided in the recipe above (again, this may just be my own pregnancy related preference). 

Note to future egg roll bakers:  If you make these, take a picture of them once they are neatly wrapped, you will surely feel like Martha Stewart!
So with 20+ inches coming along tonight added onto the 2+ feet that we already have, spring feels a long way off!  More of our homebound adventures to come!

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