Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I love when a child is so new that you measure the time in weeks.  Everything is so pure and uncharted.  It gives you this whole new perspective on how much they are growing when you can actually see the changes from day to day.  It is refreshing to celebrate these little acheivements and think about how far we've come each week.  Every morning I look at him and marvel at how much he has changed and little by little we say good-bye to the newborn stage as we see this little one emerge.  This realization is met with a tiny bit of hesitation as I just want to bask in the newness of it all, but also thrilling as we get to see Charlie's personality.  He is every bit as laid back as he was on day one.  He is content with his world and in awe of watching his big sister.  His presence makes everyone around him feel at peace.  I can't help but wonder how these elements of his personality will translate as he gets older.
So our little boy is 4 whole weeks old today - here is the weekly count:

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