Wednesday, August 24, 2011

we are here

We are in that place again.  That place in life when my days are so full, yet I don't know what I actually did.  The place where multitasking is an understatement as I am constantly juggling about 6 tasks at one time, though I am lucky if I can actually see one of those to completion.  The place where I literally feel like I am working backwards as my "to do" list grows longer with every movement within the house.  I find myself not only challenged with the tasks at hand, but also with a million things on my mind.  This is a place that I am sure all parents come to at some point, the place where you wonder which way is up. 
I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it.  It helps to have a vacation to look forward to and many moments of "recollecting" throughout the day.  My "to do" list from the morning gets thrown away and rewritten by noon as the priorities of the day change at a moment's notice.  Although there is nothing major happening in our home, you might think that we were working on some huge project in this house based on the amount of physical and emotional energy that it takes to keep it running. 
Well, we are.  We have embarked on the journey of potty training and introducing a "big girl" bed for Julia. 
Yes, at the same time. 
Yes, we have had enough changes for one summer. 
Yes, we're crazy.
 No, I would not say it's going well.
This has been a crazy mix of a bunch of coincidences that have brought us to this point.  Most of this involves the fact that I have a child who is going to do things on her own time.  This is how she wants to do it.
Some days I wonder who has the control in this parent-child relationship.  It is something that we have to address often (and in the most gentle matter) to maintain any kind of structure around here.  This summer has truly be one of transformation for Julia as she is growing a ton.  She is still a baby and yet such a little girl.  Having a newborn magnifies this transformation.  Charlie is completely reliant on us.  Julia is dependant for one task and then wants to be 100% independant for the next one.  These are tough shifts from moment to moment and they keep me on my toes!  I have to constantly take inventory of what's going on, what is really important about the situation, and what needs to be addressed.  It is so much easier when I called the shots and she needed us a whole lot more.  It is also completely humbling. 
This is parenting.  This is what it's all about.  Providing the guidance and love that she needs to work her way through this world.  God has entrusted me with a feisty one!  There are days that I wonder if I am truly equipped to keep up with her and then I realize that with a little bit of structure, a whole lot of love, tons of prayer, and the ability to laugh at ourselves, we are okay.
Oh, and don't worry about Charlie, he's slept through the whole thing.

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  1. oh my gosh- adorable photo of charlie. i love your perspective on things- this is why you are my best:)

    Love you-- Kate