Thursday, October 6, 2011

On our time.

It's here.  Several months late, but it made it to production.  It's the Gray-year - the one that spans from June to June (conveniently, since every great event in our marriage seems to occur within a 4 week span between June and July).  I started a baby book for Julia, but after filling in the "firsts" and carefully noting every step in her development that I could possibly come up with, (yes, I have even documented her first scraped knee), the baby book is bursting at the seems.  I needed a new outlet to capture this phase of our lives.  This blog does just that.  It provides those little snapshots of our lives that never make the cut for the baby book, but are never-the-less greatly important.  This sums up the ups and downs of our life - it captures our learning curve, celebrates our minor victories (major in our minds), provides us an opportunity to look back and recognize where we were days, months, weeks ago and helps us to always remember the greatness found in those moments.  
I decided to put it to print so that each year is bound and available for review. My Publisher has a free publishing program to create your own book.  The software is free for download and once you create your design, the albums are great quality and very reasonably priced!  Every summer I take the blog, cut and paste pieces of the posts, add some pictures, and create a sum up of our year.  I honestly usually do this at the last minute - usually putting in hours and hours to finish at 11:59pm when the midnight MyPublisher discount is about to end.   
But it's here! Year TWO of this endeavor.
For those of you who also have a blog or for those who find yourself occasionally jotting down milestones, but aren't really sure what to do with it, these albums a another great way to categorize these precious events.  For me, there are many things that never make it to print - letters for Julia on her first birthday, notes from her babysitter that discuss her cute ways of letting us know that she is ready for potty training, thoughts to Charlie before his arrival...and then there are the recipes and silly little things from the blog that don't quite need republishing.  These yearly books capture everything in between.  Here you go - a little view of year two. 
And a happy new year to come! :)

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  1. I used to feel like this was my realm... now I just wish I could pay you to do this for me. xoxo