Friday, November 11, 2011

thankful, thankful

This time last year I posted about the interesting month we had in November...I was newly pregnant and hardly functioning because I was so sick.  We were in the thick of our kitchen remodel and I can recall vividly that each day was such a struggle to just maintain the basics.  On top of that, we had a few scares and wondered if the pregnancy would continue.  We obviously made it through, and I remember feeling such a sense of thankfulness during that season.  God had literally carried us through from moment to moment and in the midst of all of it, we were surrounded by little gifts that just made us stop and give thanks.  There is nothing like hardship that will bring you to your knees in gratitude for the simple things in life.  In my mind, there was nothing that could compare to that time in our lives one year ago.
Well, fast forward one year... 
November roared in with a NorEaster that delivered about 15 inches of snow and made a whole heck of a mess.  We were without power for a week and after 3 days of it (with a very cold 3-month old and an active toddler), I headed to safer ground with the kids while Charles stayed behind to take care of the mess.  We made an impromptu visit to Delaware until power was restored.  It was almost as if we pressed pause in our lives for a week.  During the time we were here, we built fires, ate what was salvagable, and lived by candle-light.  The first night of our power outage, we sat around the fire with our neighbors and let the kids run their energy out.  Because our neighbors have gas, they were able to cook up some hot dinners the following nights, so we collected what we could offer and ate our meals with them. (Yes, they had us over despite the fact that our big oak tree had fallen across their car!) 
Though this year is very different from last, we are again reminded in a big way of all of the things for which we are thankful.  
I am thankful for the major stuff:  Our health.  A healthy baby who is full of life despite our uncertainty this time last year.  The fact that our home was not damaged in a big way.  Precious time with family.  The basics in life that we rely on everyday - like power and hot showers.  And I am thankful for these situations that bring to light the small things.  
I am thankful for this picture of Charlie in awe of his great-great grandmother. 
What a gift!
 We are okay and resuming this crazy life of ours.
In 2 weeks we are hosting Thanksgiving and Charlie's baptism.  Despite that fact that our front lawn is now home to piles upon piles of huge branches that my lumberjack husband has cut up, it will all get done.  And we will sit down and eat, and enjoy family, and wonder how we did it all.
And after all of it, we will again give thanks.

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  1. I love you Gray family... I am so thankful for YOU!