Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest post and gearing up

Whew, what a week!  We are slowly coming out from behind laundry loads and leftovers after our week that involved 1 birthday, 20 Ridge Road Turkey Trot participants (0 trophies in this house), 18 lovely individuals around our Thanksgiving table, a Cirillo-Gray Christmas tree excursion (worthy of a Griswald Christmas tree!), several trips to the store to find the perfect lights, and one sweet baby boy's baptism...
It's like we've completed one race only to find another one ahead.  Ahh, the marathon countdown of Christmas.  I love that tomorrow begins our advent tradition.  It is a wonderful tool to prepare our hearts for Christmas and a great way of introducing the reason why we celebrate.  I will post more about creative ways to introduce the meaning of this holiday to the little ones, but first I wanted to highlight my guest post on my friend Laura's blog  I have a minor obsession with neatly wrapped gifts so I posted a few "think out of the box" ideas for wrapping.  Keep checking her blog for some creative holiday ideas from plants to centerpieces to yummy will surely be inspired to rediscover Christmas in very simple ways!  Plus, she is so much cooler than I am :)
Tis the season!

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