Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas bow

I woke up early yesterday morning in a cold sweat.  It seems I have inherited the same dream that used to plague my mother around Christmas-time.  It involves waking up on Christmas morning with the sinking realization that I have forgotten to buy gifts.  
This season is bursting with busyness in this household.  Charlie will be 5 months old tomorrow, which is just another reminder of how quickly time seems to be flying by.  Though the giftless dream is a bit far-fetched, it is a little kick in the pants to get things done.  Getting things done around here is an elementary lesson in keeping things simple.  Most of our shopping has been done thanks to the internet, the ornaments that were hung during Julia's 10 minute window of attention are now the ones on display.  The others will make an appearance next year.  The advent calendar was a big hit the first week with the theme of JOY, but the focus on GIVING this week has been a bit more difficult for Julia.  Some of our daily challenges have come up empty.  
Keeping it simple is the only way to function around here.  
The other morning, Julia needed a bow for her hair - something special for her first meeting with Santa.  She goes through bows like outfits.  One minute they are there and accounted for, the next moment she needs a change (which often involves the extinction of the bow)...I don't know why I bother.  
So, I didn't have any red fabric to match her "pretty dress", but I had red felt, a piece ribbon, a stamp, ink, some pillow stuffing, oh, and five minutes.
I stamped Julia's name onto a piece of ribbon, sewed it to one of the 2 pieces of red felt, placed the circles on top of each other and sewed it around (adding in the stuffing when almost fully around).  I hot glued it onto a pre-made fastener - and she was all set.
And in prime Julia form to meet Santa to tell him exactly what she'd like for Christmas.  
She actually told him three times.
She is a girl who knows what she wants.  


  1. oh my gosh, I am constantly in awe of you. I can't even find the time to blog, much less make ADORABLE last minute crafts as cute as that. Love you so big!

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  3. Totally agree with what Chrissy said. If I didn't love you so much Lauren, I'd hate ya! ; ) xoxo