Tuesday, March 6, 2012

digging roots

Last weekend we took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends.  I used to make this drive every other weekend when Charles and I were dating long distance.  What was once a non-stop route that used to be made in record time is now measured in Finding Nemo played through from start to finish three times, one or two stops that make me feel like sleuth mom as I change diapers, feed a child and fuel up and a meltdown or two as we make our final approach.  No matter how difficult the drive, the feeling as we pull in the driveway makes it all worthwhile.  
This trip was different.  It was a new start in many ways.  We met baby Henry and celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Gessler.  We also have a new destination: my parent's new home.  Yup, they are finally in.  Their journey to this new home began right around Julia's birth as they headed back to the East coast from Sedona.  The last two years have been a test of patience, a gift of valuable time with family, and an amazing story of God's faithfulness.  While my parents didn't know their final destination, they had a vision in their hearts.  It was almost as if we could envision this place well before anyone stepped foot on these grounds.  As I watched Julia run up and down the hill and feed the horses with Papa, I couldn't help but smile.  I've had this picture in my mind for such a long time and now it is real.  
It's good to have a place to dig your roots deep again.  A place that my children will always know as a warm and inviting getaway.  A retreat for all of us, a place to shriek at the skunks in the "bamboo forest", collect carrots for the horses, take long walks in the surrounding fields, a place to watch the sunrise while gripping a cup of coffee, and to dance to Norah Jones as we make breakfast. 
Although this is not my home, it sure feels like we we belong here and every moment of this weekend was well worth the wait!

Welcome HOME Mimi and Papa!  
Welcome home!

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