Tuesday, March 27, 2012

planting season

There is nothing better than a visit from a friend.  
Last week my friend Lori came to visit and as we cooked dinner in the kitchen and listened to Rosie Thomas, it seemed as though this is how we've spent every Friday night.  It's the sign of a true friend - one who knows you without words and one who can pick up though time has brought us in many different directions.  She came a year and a half ago for her "regathering" tour.  While she was here we did little more than enjoy every moment of taking some time together.  Lori brought Julia a great big bag full of planting supplies.  On Saturday we had a morning agenda, but sometimes 2-year old don't follow an agenda (wow, amazing concept!), which was fine for Lori and I.  We decided to plant the seeds.  As we helpled Julia discover each of the supplies she needed in the planting process, I couldn't help but think of the words from the last time Lori was here: 
GATHER. Defined:- to bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.
This time.  
PLANT - to grow something from the ground. 
We have come a long way in our friendship. Though life is always evolving and we will be gathering pieces of ourselves throughout our life, there comes a time to gather what you have and plant it firm in the ground. 

I can just imagine that next up will be the HARVEST - the process or period of gathering in.   
There are so many amazing things about spring.  The promises of newness are all around and in early bloom this year.  As new buds bloom, it is a refreshing glimpse of growth in our own lives.
Thank you Lori for the planting season - the one that involves seeds and little sprouts and the bigger one of life.

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