Thursday, May 17, 2012

making it big!

I'm not the world's best sales person.  I have always had the perspective that people make the best choices for themselves and if they're not sure, they'll ask.  The sales realm gives me this weird vibe that some stranger knows what's best for you.  I feel it when a salesperson hovers over me in a store.  I feel it when I have to buy the obligatory fund raiser candle from the neighborhood kids.  Wouldn't the world be so much less stressful if every good salesperson just provided the best, no-pressure information about the product?
When a friend asked me to make some things for her child I was pretty excited about the endeavor.  Yes, sewing involves a few good hours of free time and sometimes pricey fabric, but I was so excited to take on the project that I could care less about the money.  My thoughts: if you appreciate good fabric, cute onesies and barrettes, then welcome to the club, you can have it since you appreciate it.  Since I have been doing this for quite some time I now recognize the value (literally) of selling some things.  When my friend Laura asked me to join her in the craft fair realm (rid your mind of cat ladies and cat blankets and cat paraphernalia, right Laura?  The craft fair is making a comeback!) I figured I might make the jump into selling some things.  
So here you go.  If you like it, send me an email and I will make it for you.  Once I get organized, I will post more pictures and prices.  In the meantime, stop by Ludlow Boys and Girls Club on 5/19 to rediscover the good old fashioned craft fair.
Here's some of my stuff:
Onesies made for twins (this picture was when they were still in progress) there was a string that connected the balloon to each of the bird's mouths.   This cute little project is the reason why people get so excited over twins :)
And click on Laura's etsy shop for some other great handmade products.
Send me a message, comment or email if you are interested in onesies (of any size) and/or barrettes.  
There you go, a no pressure sales pitch. I'm getting better at this already!

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  1. I love the things you make! When you find joy in creating them the way you do, selling them will be just as fun. =)