Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A fairy tea party

Papa calls Julia's tutu a "three-three" now that she is another year older.  Julia thinks this term is the greatest thing since she wears her tutu day and night.  There were plenty of three-threes adorning her fairy princess tea party last Saturday.  
We had a blast!
The birthday girl on the morning of her big day!  For her first big task as a three year old, she chose to mix all of her play-dough (something she learned at church the week before).  Hey, anything goes.
Getting a big kick out of the many "happy birthday's" sung to her during the week.
Julia's cake.
I used this recipe from Bon Appetit for double banana cake.  Quite a good one and a hit with the toddlers!  Julia insisted on the incorporation of gumballs - they were a good accent (and a good compromise).
One of Julia's many tutu's adorns the base of the cakestand for some easy decorating.

Julia's little friends.
Even Charlie wore his fairy wings and enjoyed the festivities.  You're next Charlie-bear!
For an easy activity and party favor, we made our own wands.  I used this cookie recipe that I found on Pinterest for some delicious (and heftier) cookies.  Once I cut them out, I placed a bamboo rod in each of them and baked them for the allotted time.  

On our picnic table I set out the frosting and all of the ingredients for decorating.  The kids were able to take a few bites of their creations and then take the rest home.  I even made mini ones on lollipop sticks for the babies involved.
Happy happy birthday sweet girl.  
Yes, it is over despite a week-long celebration.  We now embark on the wonderful world of three!  

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