Thursday, September 13, 2012

FIRST day of preschool

 Today marks the start, though Julia's preschool career comprises only a few hours of her entire week, this is her entry into the world of school.  She was ready for this a long time ago! 
She couldn't get there fast enough. 
 I made her wear a jacket (despite the 80 degree weather) just so she could use her cubby.  That darn cubby.  There is something about it.  Maybe it is the books that I grew up with that talk about the cubby at preschool.  Maybe it's because I still remember my own red cubby from preschool, this moment made me tear up.
 Once we were in her classroom Julia was ready to go.  Picture every other child still clinging to their parents.  Julia hit the ground running - she had figured out each of the craft stations before we left her.
She was mighty content on her own and in awe of her classroom.
Even Charlie pulled up a chair and decided he'd like to stay. 
No way Charlie, we get some precious 1-on-1 time now!
And this is how I left her.
There are so many big things happening in Julia's world.  Each reminding me how much she's growing.  This morning I asked her what she would like to be when she grows up just to document it on this day (and hopefully each of her first days of school).  She replied that she'd like to be a dentist.  We're not really sure where that one came from!  Later today she snuggled into my lap and quietly announced, "Mommy, I changed my mind.  I want to be like you when I grow up".  I asked her what that meant.  Without a thought she quickly replied, "I think it means I love you!"
I will take these moments and bottle them up.  Though she asserts her independance on a minute to minute basis, she reminds me how much she needs a solid foundation.  She's ready and eager, but needs some reassurance. 
Welcome to the world of preschool. 
Fun times are ahead.
"Blossom of snow
may you bloom and grow,
Bloom and grow forever"
(my favorite song that I learned in preschool)

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