Thursday, October 4, 2012

C is for....


and coughing
and cloudy days
and cinnamon bread

When it rains, it pours. Not only were we stuck inside most of last week due to the weather, the children's colds evolved into a hearty case of bronchitis for me. Here are some of our outtakes from our week inside. My sanity remains intact thanks to a quick but well timed visit from my mom!
I can usually take on project that requires 10 minutes or less due to the overlapping of naps that occur in our house.  As Julia becomes easier to occupy, Charlie rarely sits still.  His latest accomplishments?  Climbing on TOP of our dining room table, spreading powder throughout the house, and becoming a fearless flyer on top of the couch.  He requires constant supervision and if I could grow an extra set of hands, they would be dedicated solely to him.  Here is my latest "10 or less" project.  The inspiration came from the simple fact that I'm not a huge fan of my child being a billboard for a brand of clothing.  Therefore, I added own twist to this cute little romper.  The letter "C". 
He wears it quite well. 
"C" also stands for "climber".  Crazy climber.
With my mom's help, I was able to steal a little time to bake bread.  It is honestly one of the easiest tasks since you can leave it to rise and pay attention to it in shifts.  Bread is my latest baking obsession and I am justifying the unlimited carbs filling our house with the fact that all of this 1/2 marathon training needs some fuel.  These little adventurers need quite a bit of fuel too!

Given the simple fact that "powder play" occupied about an hour of their time today, it's an understatement to say we need to get out.  
"C" is also for Counting down to can't come soon enough!

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