Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring dress

I keep meaning to post the quick and easy basics of the pinafore dress, but I have yet to master the art of taking photos as I work.  Typically I sew while Julia be-bops around with her toys.  In an hour of sewing, I spend at least 45 minutes attempting to assure that she doesn't grab the iron or eat a button.  She is really interested in my machine and likes to think that she can create something.  She sits at the machine and says, "I can do it" and "yes, I can".  Latetly she sound like a little motivational speaker. 
Anyway, sewing is the least child-proof hobby there is.  Unless you're in to sky diving.
I have made a few dresses and have captured little bits of each project. In the meantime, I attempted this Snappy toddler dress by Prudent Baby for a friend's little girl.  Prudent Baby has some great ideas - everything from party inspiration to rainy day ideas to sewing tutorials.  I had to adapt the pattern to make it a bit bigger, but it turned out smaller than expected, so I kept it for Julia. It actually fits her perfectly!
She has yet to wear it, but it is the perfect WELCOME SPRING dress.
PS. I love Amy Butler fabric.  This is currently on sale through Sew Mama Sew's site.  A great deal and a little bright spot in my day.  I am easily amused by pretty fabrics....and nice paper and current episodes of Modern Family.

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