Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's adventure O' the day

I must have an ounce of Irish in me somewhere along the lines of my heritage, but I have mostly lived vicariously through my best friend Jilly as I have always tagged along with her festivities (she's not even 100%Irish, but she embraces every ounce she has!)  Since Jill and I no longer live together, I've had to dig deep for some motivation to celebrate this day.  It's not hard...wear green (check), go hear some good Irish music (check - later tonight), pretend like you're Irish for the day.  I decided to let Julia join in on the fun, so we tuned into some Irish music on Pandora and embarked on an Irish lunch adventure:
Green Eggs and Ham.
I must digress one moment to acknowledge my latest love for eggs.  I have been buying them from my co-worker who raises his own chickens.  I love listening to his farming endeavors and how much he loves raising chickens.  Even better?  Their yolks are a vibrant yellow and their taste surpasses any store-bought egg!  I am a huge fan of buying local and an even bigger fan of knowing exactly where the eggs come from and how the animals are treated.  These chickens are well loved and produce some of the most colorful eggs I've ever seen.  I love just looking at them. 

 So when lunch was looking a little boring, I was inspired to add a little green to our day.  I'm not a huge fan of food coloring, but one drop goes a long way. 
Here we are, green eggs and ham (inspired by St. Patty's Day with a little help from Dr. Seuss).

We had a yummy lunch while serenaded by an Irish jig. 
Jilly, it's not too late to come and celebrate with us!

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