Monday, April 25, 2011


What a wonderful Easter!  It is always a beautiful time of rebirth.  Everything is in bloom.  New beginnings are right around the corner.  All of those components are alive and true, especially this year.  Spring has finally arrived, another child on the way, Julia discovering new things around every corner. 
The sermon on Sunday morning was a wonderful reminder of the hope that God promised and continues to promise us at Easter and beyond - the message that nothing is set in stone.  Christ died and was placed in the tomb, though just when it seemed as though the story was over, the stone was rolled away to display the power of a greater God.  There are many stones in our lives, but God is bigger than all of it.  Our future is in His hands.  There is no cashing in the chips when things seem overwhelming, this is when God's Glory is revealed.  What a promise! 
Here are some of our great family moments from the day:
Just a small note, these pictures were captured within a short timeframe.  Most other moments involved a barefooted child, an Easter dress adorned with a strawberry and chocolate mish mosh, 2 broken eggs, a delayed Easter brunch, and a love/hate relationship with her bonnet. 
All of the makings of a great holiday!


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  1. adorable :) If I ever have a little girl I am definitely going to borrow this dress. Love you and Can't wait to see you!