Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little more Easter (sweets edition)

My neighbor told me that I should enter one of those TLC cupcake shows because of all of the cupcake baking I've done recently.  I would think about pursuing this except for the simple fact that this gourmet cupcake kick will end promptly in 11 weeks when this baby arrives.  Part of my problem is that I get daily updates from the Baking Addiction blog, which has some really great baking ideas.  I believe that a symptom of pregnancy-brain is that ideas become obsessions.  This is true for baking, decorating, creating, and basically everything connected with preparing for this baby.
Here is the link to the recipe for Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes - one look and you couldn't pass it up.  So, check out your Target candy clearance aisle for Cadbury Creme Eggs and get baking.
The best part of baking is making your own adaptations.  I didn't add another Cadbury egg on top - there is already one inside and I didn't have enough eggs anyway. 
I think there is plenty of sweetness without it! 
And what good is a great recipe without a wonderful baking assistant?
I will have to give the most credit to my mom for bearing with me as we attempted to perfect the frosting, but Julia wins the cutest sidekick award.  It's all in the apron, which was a gift from a friend who was just recently moved from this area to the West coast.  Devon shares my love of handmade things - I was able to make a few things for her daughter's second birthday and she sent me this as a Thank You.  The best part of this gift is that it is (a) from Etsy (b) involves cupcakes and (c) is made by one of her friends who just started selling her creations.  Here is the link for your very own apron.  
Julia now refuses to enter the kitchen without putting on her "apon".
And to top off the randomness of this post, here is our pirate who is not quite sure how to pose with her egg creations. 

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