Tuesday, April 12, 2011

22 months

Happy 22 months Julia Claire! 
This about sums up your vibrant personality and your wonderful style of letting us know what you need at all times!
We love the heck out of you, even when you pretend like you're a fish and refuse to leave the tub!  We love that you now say big words like "pirate" and "elephant" and are pretty animated when describing these favorite things of yours.  We love that as you learn to share, you feed your stuffed animals to make sure that they get the good stuff too.  We love that when we ask about your favorite word you say "sorry" (a well used statement for you).  We love taking you to the park and swinging higher and higher on the swings and love that you are fearless as you raise your hands in the air yelling, "Gia, hiya" ("Julia higher").  We love that you are becoming shy when you meet people that you don't know, but quickly come out of your shell once they win you over.  We love that you are so concerned for the people you love, and even more concerned for their animals.  We love that you attribute all things involving airplanes, beach and swimming back to your Aunt Kirstan.  It would make her very proud to hear you say "Cookie" as much as you do! 
You are the sweetest ball of fire all wrapped into 22 months of life. 
We so are excited to see you grow as you enter the role of big sister, but for now we will relish the next 13 weeks of having you all to ourselves!

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