Tuesday, May 24, 2011

creating spaces

Today I spent my entire day with my hand guarding my rib cage.  The reminder that I am quickly running out of room in my torso was brought home by a little foot conveniently wedged beyond its boundaries.  Although I cringe at times, I love this little game.  I give a little push to move the baby into a more comfortable position and the response typically means a complete shift of his space.  This often involves a distinct profile of his little limbs, which is beyond precious.  I have joked that although this child still has about 7 weeks until he makes an appearance, I somewhat feel like I've already had small glimpses of him with these distinct movements. 
On a small level, he is already carving out his space in the world.  He will do this in many different ways throughout his life and this is just the beginning.  It makes me think of how we do this in our own lives.  We do this in profound ways: blazing paths, making important choices, pushing and pulling in the right ways to make ourselves known, connecting with those that we love.  We also do this in tangible ways: finding places that are a right fit for us, remodeling, gathering ideas, and just the constant motion in life. 
My studio is my favorite reflection of this ongoing rearrangement in life to designate spots for the things that are most important.  The other day I took some pictures in my studio.  The main reason that I did this is because it is rarely clean, but I also wanted to capture this newly configured space as it is now serves as a guest room and studio.  We are not quite done with this transition as there are a few touches in progress that will better distinguish the sleeping area.  As I took some photos, I found myself drawn to little places throughout this room that make it "home" to me.  Although it is a constant work in progress, these are the bones of the room.  The hand picked, new and old, carved out pieces that make it so special.
Below is a mini studio tour of my favorite things: 
An ode to spaces. 

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