Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last days as a ONE year old!

We've had some proud moments with our little girl this week.  She knows that she is about to turn TWO and will announce it to anyone who will listen.  Suddenly she has this vast imagination, which makes playing with toys so much more fun!  She likes to make tents and create her own little world inside.  Usually this involves rearranging her toys until they are comfortable in her eyes.  I could watch her for hours as it is so interesting to see how she processes everything around her.  For the last week she has been playing with her Minnie and Mickey doll - typically Minnie hits Mickey a few minutes into their playdate and Minnie has to go to "timeout", which is on our stairs.  Julia scolds Minnie and explains to her that she needs a timeout and how long she will be there.  It usually ends with a kiss between the two of them and these characters are back being the best of friends.  These are such teachable moments as she suddenly is developing a sense of compassion and an awareness of the emotions of others. 
This is not without its challenges.  I wonder how this will translate when her newborn brother comes along and cries quite a bit.  Sometimes I forget that she is still so little and I am floored when she hauls off with a premeditated punch to her little friends without a second thought.  I recognize that this coming year will be one big teachable moment for all of us!
Here are some pictures of our day today.  It makes me smile to capture these simple moments. 
Julia's sad face.  She does this quite well - on cue too!
 Happy face.
 My little helper-BEE making gourmet pizza.  I love her eclectic palate!
 She is quite proud of herself!  She says "I do it" approximately 100 times a day.
Most of the time, her efforts to be helpful end up with a lot more cleaning in the long run.  This is her desire to "mix" the butter that I was leaving out to soften. 
 She insists on wearing these sandals on a daily basis.  We bought her these for Christmas and they are still one size big.  Despite the fact that she trips over her feet, she will not let us take them off!  She also HAS to sleep with her cowgirl boots in her crib with her (I am quite proud of this current obsession!)
And a random photo of daddy finishing off her cereal.  Ahh, the things we do as a parent to try to make life easy.
So the countdown begins...Julia turns 2 on the 13th.  
The next posts will reflect my desire for a last hurrah of her last weeks as an only child.  We are excited to celebrate her birthday and have made sure that there are plenty of personal touches at her party! 

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