Monday, June 20, 2011

Lobster and BBQ - does life get any better?

oH hApPY daY!
Put us on the coast of Maine and call all of our friends - we would be perfectly content spending every weekend this way!  So our lobsterbake/fish themed party went off without a hitch.  It was comfortable and fun, which was a perfect way to combine the party of a two year old and thirty-something year old.  Thanks to Charles for being such a good sport and sharing your birthday while also taking on some pretty hefty labor in the kitchen.
Here are a few of the little additions that pulled together this whole thing. 
A bit of a whimsical Cape Cod.
 Fish bar for the kiddies. 
How easy is this?  We had a few imports from Sweden, some guppies, and even some sushi (rice krispie treats wrapped in fruit roll ups with some sprinkles as the "tobiko").  We put this on a little table and at some points had to move the fish to higher ground to make sure that the kids actually ate a real meal too.

 The cake for Charles.  This was so much fun to make.  Probably because I'm not a baker and I have always been intimidated by anything baked that requires some advanced decorating skills.  This was among the easiest parts of the preparation (except for the part where I forgot to by confectioner sugar for the icing and had to send my parents out for the 5th trip of the day to the grocery store).
Julia's cupcakes - cinnamon toast cupcakes with buttercream frosting to boot!
 Julia's lobster encounter.  She was trying to show off for her friend Charlie, so at this point she attempted to convince him that she kissed one when it was alive.  She is a brave soul, but does embelish a bit.
 The homemade fish pull string pinata.  This filled a whole five second span of excitement for the two year olds.  They were excited to pull the string, but could have cared less about all of the treats that fell out.  In about a year or two that will all change!
 Julia and daddy blowing out their candles.
 Some love for Becca
 and an extra squeeze for Andrew!
I am excited to share some of the details of the party and the ideas that inspired them throughout this week.  On Sunday we recovered from the party and celebrated Father's day, which included 9 holes of golf for daddy with Julia and I as his favorite caddies.  I then proceeded to experience several contractions throughout the night...a little reminder of the relaxing that needs to occur before our next big event!
At 37 weeks, with not many more to go, this week ahead is one of pure decompressing! 

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