Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homecoming outfits

This was a great "preparation for baby" project that helped me focus my attention on a gift for Julia and special little outfit for each of them to wear as we transitioned home from the hospital.  It did not fully work out as intended as the onesie that I made for Charlie is way too big for him and I forgot to put the dress on Julia with all of the activity of leaving the hospital. 
Surprise! Surprise! - yet another lesson that the more children you add to the mix, the less likely things will go as planned.  Regardless, neither one of them noticed and Julia has since modeled her new dress for all to see.  When she wears it, she also announces, "BIG SISTER" with her fists in the air.  Once Charlie puts a little weight on, we can have them pose in their outfits together. 
Despite his inability to fit into his outfit, I believe that he has felt very welcomed since his homecoming!  He has had a flurry of visitors - his very own welcoming crew, which has been so helpful beyond essential!

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  1. I absolutely adore Julia's outfit. I have to get the pattern from you one of these days