Monday, July 4, 2011

The waiting game

Baby Gray is due in just over a week and we have been in pure nesting mode. Nothing seems clean enough, our list of projects will never be fully checked off, but it is pure bliss. Discomfort aside, waiting on the birth of your child is quite awe inspiring. Everyday feels like a new adventure as we plan out the little things, but always anticipate "Plan B" should baby choose to arrive in the midst of our adventures. Nothing is concrete, there is no magical bullitin that arrives in your 9th month that gives you a slip noting the date and time of delivery. He will come when he chooses. I love it. I love that every moment keeps us guessing and each is one step closer to meeting this child. Knowing that the birth of a child is a moment that will forever be etched in our minds makes the anticipation that much more exciting.
Until he arrives we are sort of holding our breath and not going very far. The last few weeks could be classified as quite simple in our household. Here is a little glimpse:
A visit from Chrissy
(37 weeks and 33 weeks)
My midwife informed me that I needed more calcium, so we have now adopted an "Ice Cream every night" rule.  It's going over quite well in our home, especially when sprinkles (or "frickles" as Julia says) are involved.
A trip to our local zoo
 Calling all camels (but really she was just as content seeing the fish and bunnies!)
 Adria and Clara teaching Julia the fundamentals of big sisterhood
 And celebrating the 4th at our town parade this morning
As I sit here this moment, the "to do" list in my head grows longer, though I realize that at the end of your pregnancy your only given the energy to complete what truly matters. 
 And so we wait....

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