Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Room in Progress

I started collecting ideas for the nursery from the beginning, which has been so much fun! I love putting each piece to her room knowing that she is going to create her own identity within these walls. The alligator burp cloth from her Aunt Kirstan in Florida matches her eclectic Amish quilt bedding perfectly and her organic fabrics, provided by Laura, assure her daily safety. :)

Everything has been added with so much love.

We live in a house that has a lot of personality and much room to work with in regard to adding our style. Needless to say, Charles and I are not so handy, but we put a lot of work in throughout the winter. I have had my moments of anxiety, but I love that we can look at even the imperfections and know that this is OUR work. I'm not sure whether baby Gray will get in to Harvard after all of these paint fumes, but she put her time in too. :)
I added my finishing touches to the bedroom

While Charles worked on the nursery in his typical clean and concise fashion...
(I love these pictures - they are the complete opposite of our personalities.)

Since this baby is arriving a bit ahead of schedule and with the added bonus of bedrest on top of that, the room has not been completed. I had been all set to paint a tree mural on the wall, which not going to happen any time soon.
I don't think she'll notice.

My mom will be here tonight to help with some finishing touches before baby Gray comes this weekend.

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