Friday, June 19, 2009

Week 1

Julia has received so many visitors this past week of her little life with so many more people to meet! There has been so much excitement as I look back on the 7 days - her timing has been pretty amazing. She was present for her daddy's 31st birthday and will be celebrating her first Father's Day tomorrow. I'd say that I'm safe not buying Charles any gifts this year, I think he's pretty happy.
Pastor John arrived for a visit on Wednesday. I must say, Pastor John is an amazing man. He embodies a gentle man who loves God and loves his community. We absolutely love him at our Trinity home. We had a conversation that was quite thought provoking - he asked each Charles and I to sum up our experience with Julia so far in one word.
My word: Contentment - despite some frustrating and scream-filled moments (on Julia's part, not mine) our house is just so peaceful. Charles and I just sit and look at her in amazement. I remember feeling as she entered the world that life could not possibly get better than this. She is so pure.
Charles choose the words Love and Sacrifice - He has embraced fatherhood from the beginning and is so hands on. It is amazing how much love pours out of you - love that you never knew you were capable of. I know he would do anything for this child.
So as Pastor John was leaving we closed in prayer. His prayers are so thoughtful and God centered and I just felt such a peace in the room as he spoke. He ended with a prayer capturing the meaning of her name saying, "Julia, may you always have a youthful spirit and may your path always be bright and clear".
That is my prayer for her too.

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